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About ECREU and our team

Expat Citizen Rights in EU (ECREU) is an association registered in France and governed by the law of 1 July 1901 and the Decree of 16 August 1901 - Association n° W862002237 - You can read our constitution HERE (In French)

Roger Boaden MBE understands the business of Government having worked for the Conservative Party for 30 years holding national posts including: Young Conservative National Organiser, European Elections Officer, Direct Mail Manager, and Head of Local Government.

He organised and managed six personal General Election Campaign Tours, three each for both Ted Heath and Margaret Thatcher, making him one of the few individuals to have such a close working relationship with Prime Ministers across six General Elections. He was awarded the MBE in Ted Heath’s Dissolution Honours of July 1974


ecreu government contact roger boaden

From his home in the Limousin (87) region of France, Roger is a leading campaigner for expats in the EU, particularly concerning the loss of Winter Fuel Payments with his recent appeal to the First Tier Tribunal forcing the DWP to to admit they had covered up statistics and analyses.

veteran campaigner harry shindler

Harry Shindler is a veteran campaigner for Votes for Life and a supporter of ECREU. He currently has an appeal lodged with the United Nations Commission of Human Rights to declare the EU Referendum unrepresentative of the citizens of the nation as several million citizens were prevented from voting.

Harry (95) lives in Italy. He received the MBE in 2014 for his services to Anglo-Italian relations.

Paul Garlick is a barrister (Queen’s Counsel) practising in the areas of European and international criminal law, extradition, human rights and judicial review.  He has been a Recorder of the Crown Court in England and Wales since 1992, working as a part time judge dealing with serious criminal cases.

Since 2012, Paul has been one of the experts appointed to the EU Commission Experts Group on European Criminal Law Policy. He has trained judges and lawyers all over the world for the Council of Europe, The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, the FCO and the US Department of State.


paul garlic qc

Since 2015, Paul has been a visiting lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, where he teaches comparative criminal law, the rights of accused persons and anti-money laundering compliance. He now lives in The Hague.

kathryn dobson ecreu

Kathryn Dobson lives with her husband and three children in south west France where she runs the popular Living Magazine (www.livingmagazine.fr).

As well as being a passionate European and welfare campaigner, Kathryn is particularly concerned about the possible impact of political decisions on families and professionals living in Europe.

With more than 25 years’ experience in marketing and communication, she also advises the ECREU team on social media and networking to ensure that the group’s message reaches the widest possible audience.

Christopher Chantrey OBE has been a resident of France since 1973 when, as a new graduate, he was inspired to come to work in international business in France because the UK had just joined the EEC. Christopher lives in Paris.

Educated at Oxford (French and German) and at INSEAD in France (MBA), he has held various management positions in two British companies in France, and also in two large multinational companies based in France. He is currently a freelance consultant in international communications to various French companies. He has been active in various voluntary roles in British community organizations in France since the 1970s.


ecreu christopher chantrey

He is currently Chairman of the British Community Committee of France (the BCC, founded in 1937), which brings together some 100 or so British and Franco-British associations in France, and of which ECREU is a member.

He gave evidence in October 2016 on the impacts of Brexit on the British living in France to the Assemblée Nationale in Paris, and to the House of Commons Select Committee on Exiting the EU in January 2017. The BCC has long campaigned for lifelong voting rights for all UK citizens, wherever they live.

ecreu founder and marketing dave spokes


Dave Spokes left careers in media, local radio, PR and marketing for a 'quiet retirement' in France, but has found himself involved in running an expat group and now coordinating the activities of ECREU.

Dave lives in the Vienne (86) region of France, was a founding team member and manages ECREU marketing and membership. He is also the first point of contact 'leaving our experts to focus on the government and campaign aspects of our activities'.

He owned a freelance news agency, was co-founder one of the UK's first commercial radio stations and later managed marketing commuications for a global IT company including managing a technical partnership with a UK Formula 1 team.

Margaret Hales MBE lives in the Marina Alta, Valencia, Spain with her psychologist husband, where she runs a local information newsletter for residents and visitors. She has worked with Spanish political parties, the press and radio to encourage Brits to vote and has campaigned for the many new people arriving in the city to register on the electoral roll.

Speaking Spanish, Margaret helps new arrivals with bureaucracy and orientation in Spain. She has campaigned in Westminster and Brussels for the re establishment of the vote for life, and was active in the Conservative Party and the European Union of Women, of which she is currently International Vice President.

ecreu spain, margaret hales

Awarded an MBE for political service in 1997, Margaret is related to the Pankhurst family and is passionate about the right and the responsibility to vote.

paula clarke, italy

Paula Clarke is our Coordinator in Italy - Paula has been involved in local politics since moving to Italy and has worked with local parties to encourage political engagement. As a passionate supporter of the EU, she is particularly concerned about the impact Brexit may have on the rights and welfare of families, students and workers who have settled in Europe.

iA fluent Italian speaker, Paula has lived in Salerno, Italy since 2009 with her partner, an entrepreneur and local politician. She currently teaches English and provides consultancy to local businesses who wish to expand their operations overseas.

Brian Kemp is HM Forces Coordinator for ECREU and is happy to listen to any concerns that ex-service personnel living in Europe may have. He has been a member of the Royal Air Forces Association for over 30 years.

After 12 years in the Royal Air Force as a Radar and Computer Engineer, he returned to civilian life continuing in electronics engineering, installing large computer systems throughout EMEA and Asia, and with contracts based in Sweden and The Netherlands. He then moved into international business development and sales management in the technical side of telecommunications and television broadcasting, concentrating on the EMEA and Asia Pacific Regions.

brian kemp, forces coordinator
Brian and his wife Lin, have lived in Europe since 2001 with spells in Brittany, Belgium and Hungary. They now live in Limousin region of France.

In addition to those listed above, we have several consultants which include a leading solicitor specialising in EU law who is based in Berlin and Brussels, and a senior member of a party women’s group. They help us formulate policy, coordinate with other groups, and provide an alternative means of contact with key people in power essential for our campaign.

For professional reasons, we do not include their details here.